XC Skiing Massively Lucked Out With Klaebo Brothers


Yes, it did.

In today’s world, to be a champion in whatever sport is desperately not enough. Having a shy, reserved, introvert champion is detrimental to that sport’s effort to stay in the media limelight and to attract investments/sponsorships.

The august sport of cross country skiing has been lucky – its biggest star is also a true international fashion icon on the rise.

But the king is made by his entourage. It looks like Ola Klaebo sacrificied his potential illustrious skiing career (his older brother’s assessment) in order to help build Brand Klaebo. Talented families are often talented in many ways – Klaebo YouTube channel run by Ola is a great example of how so much could be achieved with so little investment ( but a lot of effort).

Johannes is only 22, Ola has turned 18 yesterday – belated congrats ! So much is still ahead and the future is bright!

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