Love Thy Fan


A short spontaneous meeting. A simple gesture. No, we don’t know his name or his story. It’s just a moment the lense caught in a short pause between races. And she was in a hurry. Yet she stopped and talked and listened. As any great athlete meeting her/his fan should.
… We know, we observe two types of athletes: those who do understand and do act like Therese on this photo did. Those are many, a majority – and we are always happy to take and share the pictures of fans’ joy from interacting with their hero.

Yet there is minority who don’t. Either they are too concentrated on the next race or simply too are tired – but they run away as fast as they can immediately after their rules-prescribed podium. They are a minority but we’ve seen that happening and we’ve seen faces of disappointed fans who were queuing for hours. No names. Let them read this and mend their ways. Because being nice to fans is right. Even when you are tired.

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