Best Skiers: What Eyewear Do They Prefer ( Part 1, Ladies Edition)

Eyewear is important. For skiers spending umpteen hours on the glittering snow it is, quite simply, indispensable part of the equipment.

Yet “shades” are more than working instrument – hardly anything is more fashionable and is better known to make a statement about its owner – and that’s the fact.

We ain’t going to delve into differences between materials used, sponsorship deals and other important but need-proper-research trivia that may or may not be of interest to you.

We just aim to educate “skiing masses”, so to speak, as to what their favorite athlete prefers – whenever we managed to identify not just the brand, but the specific model too, it will be mentioned as well

All photos for this piece were taken during the Lahti Games at the beginning of March this year – when the spring sun was shining pretty.

1. Bliz Crowd.
Bliz is a brand of Future Eyewear Group based in Sweden – and seems to be gaining in popularity with each season.

Kerttu Niskanen and her coach wearing Bliz. Kerttu is wearing flagship Force ULS model, Finnish Ski team edition
All Finnish skiers sport identical Bliz eyewear – same as Krista Parmakoski here
…Jonna Sundling of Team Sweden, however, wears the same model
Heidi is one of few modern skiers who prefers flip visors to standard glasses

Adidas Mannschaft
Adidas eyewear is produced under license by the Austrian company Silhouette International

Natalia Nepryaeva sporting Adidas Zonyk
Laura Gimmler using same Adidas Zonyk model
Natalia Matveeva is also into Adidas well as Steffi Böhler

Oakley Gang
Oakley these days is a subsidiary of the Italian Luxottica, the world’s largest eyewear manufacturer. Made hugely popular in the skiing world by the best promotion efforts of Petter Northug Jr, the King of Skis

Lotta Udnes Weng
Emily Nishikawa
Thea Krokan Murud

Everything else.

Teresa Stadlober using Pursuit visor by French Cebe
Stadlober’s teamamter Lisa Unterweger is comfortable with Uvex visor
Once leading provider of sunglasses and visors, the German CASCO is all but exited cross country skiing. Some – like Lydia Hiernickel keep loyalty to the old brand
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