Quick Fireside Chat With Johannes Klaebo & His Thoughts As To Where Skiing Should Be Going

…it wasn’t a fireside chat, of course – it’s a figure of speech. All important conversations in our busy times happen on the way somewhere from one point to the next. That one was no exception.

Every moment in life of a 22 year old world’s best skier and veritable fashion icon is planned & accounted for. Yesterday he was presenting his very own line of hair products . Today he won Kirkebakken GP – both sprint and mixed relay with Maiken Falla, then barely an hour later he was hitting the road for his next scheduled appearance in Oslo. But we had a brief candid chat, the most important excerpts from which we share with you with Johannes’ permission:

– The future of skiing lays in sprints. Particularly in city sprints. That’s how we bring our sport to city dwellers and make skiing fans out of them.

this photo is from January 2018. Klaebo – not yet Olympic, not yet world champion – was already clear favorite of the crowd. Some traveled for hours just to see him

– Dresden is a fantastic venue for the World Cup stage. Right in the middle of a quite large city yet close to natural skiing areas. Thousands of cheering fans were a very good sight (Klaebo refers to the inaugural edition of the Weltcup Dresden in 2018. In 2019 , when he took a decision to skip Dresden, preparing for the World Championships in Seefeld, the crowds significantly plummeted)

Holmenkollen 50k. The ultimate race in prestige & fans attention on the World Cup. Also about the only race of that caliber Johannes is yet to shine in

– For the season of 2019/20, choosing which World Cup stages to run and which to skip I want to pay much closer attention to what extent a particular event promotes skiing as a sport to broader masses.

– Unfortunately, individual start long distance races are for hard core fans primarily. Most people do not find them exciting neither to attend nor to watch on TV.

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