Closer Look: Madshus Redline 3.0 Skis

Per Wiik, marketing manager at Madshus, presents Norwegian company’s latest racing skis, Redline 3.0
Redline 3.0 Skate will come in two flavors: stiffer F2 ( left on this photo) for hard-packed snow and F3 ( right) that is for everything else. The latter one has much shorter “race groove”
Wiik describes 3.0s as “being more dynamic” compared to predecessor. That is achieved through increasing the amount of carbon-fiber sheets throughout the length of the ski. Also note new design/colors that are quite reminiscent of Madshus of old
Classic Redline 3.0 will come in Cold and Warm iterations
And – last but not the least – Madshus is relaunching dedicated DP or doublepoling skis in Redline 3.0 collection! Wiik says total worldwide sales of DP skis do not exceed some 1000 pairs, but those who buy them are very dedicated, loyal to the brand
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