Petter Northug is back on track(s)!

Blink Fesfivalen’ “langløp mix-stafett” or the mixed relay is a great new format and we shall tell you about it..another day. Because on Sunday the stars of long distance racing were totally overshadowed by an appearance of one man:

Petter Northug is back, competing!

Northug might have changed – but the world-famous scowl is still there. We missed that facial expression!

It was the first appearance of the double Olympic champion of tracks after you-all-know-what-happened events of last year.

Petter looked poised, handling the media going crazy around him with a look of a star who knows it’s unavoidable – and explained how he sees his future:
” I have plans to take part in the Ski Classics series, probably next season already. I’m looking forward to training and getting into shape that would allow me to compete against the best in long distance skiing “.

With Morten Iversbakken, the boss of IDT rollerski division, and Åge Skinstad, former Norwegian team manager at Northug’s prime, currently one of top managers of Brav/ Swix

On Sunday Team Petter consisting of Petter Northug, Petter Skinstad and Barbro Saetha didn’t win any prizes – but certainly made headlines. And yes, it looks like a lot of people in the crowd were missing ” our Petter” as Northug occasionally referred to in Norway. The epoch might not be over after all…

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