Skiing Together. Christmas – Inspired Story Of Couples in Our Sport

It’s Christmas and everyone is meant to be merry, jolly – and ready for a positive entertainment. We can’t think of a better story on occasion than sharing pictures taken this year on various locations with one thing in common – happy skiers’couples.

Key word is “happy” – including happy to be photographed together. Some were too shy to pose for photo or even to show their affections in public ( yes, we are talking about you, Frida and William!).

If someone didn’t make it into our camera lens – next year, hopefully!

Anna Zherebyateva and Alexander Bolshunov. We shall never get tired of photographing those two. Their affection for each other is obvious, deep and comes out very naturally
Another ” Grand couple of skiing”, Greta Laurent and Federico Pellegrino. What we just said about Anna & Alex should simply be repeated for Greta & Chicco. Oh, and if you are really lucky, you would one day hear Greta rooting for her boyfriend in the race. It’s fantastico!
Olga Kucheruk this year has joined her long-time partner, Ivan Yakimushkin in the main Russian team. Unlike Zherebyateva/Bolshunov who train and thus travel together, Olga and Ivan are in different training groups and only get to see each other occasionally
Laura Gimmler and Florian Notz. In one of interviews, asked what’s his favorite hobby, Florian simply said “Laura”
Monika Hojnisz and Maciej Starega. Poland’s best male skier has married his long-time biathlete-partner at a beautiful ceremony this year. Asked how tired he is after the season, Maciek simply said that preparing for the wedding is harder. But worth it!
Anastasia Sedova and Alexander Kuleshov a step ahead of the Polish couple. They got married a year earlier and now are expecting their first child. Best of luck, Nastya & Alex
Emilie Fleten and Andrew Musgrave are the only international couple on our today’s list. One thing they don’t have is language barrier: Emilie’s English is faultless and Andrew’s Norwegian is , apparently, native!
Lisa Unterweger and Tobias Habenicht. Lisa has been Austria’s best sprinter for years and Tobias has joined her in the national team this year. They live together in Ramsau where this photo was taken
The last couple in our today’s review is the youngest: Anna Grukhvina and Alex Terentev both are only 20, both are the youngest additions to Team Russia this season. Going is hard but seeing each other at the World Cup ( they also train separately), clearly, helps to lift mood
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