Bookies View On World Cup 2020/21

No huge surprises there: Alex Bolshunov leads in every chart with Johannes Klaebo not far behind. The rest of the world’s elite skiers seems to have odds ranging from fairly low to purely theoretical.

Yet there are some differences:

British Unibet puts Pål Golberg 3d and gives pure distance runners Kruger and Roethe something of chance. Note Ustyugov’s 7th place…
Italian Sisal gives Niskanen a fighting chance but Ustyugov is nowhere to be found. Human error?
Norwegian NordicBet, however, catapults Ustiugov to 3d place and seriously doubts SkiTour 2020 winner’s Golberg chances

Unlike all of us, fans and observers, them bookies deal in mathematically proven odds. We hardly can fault their analysis. Can you?

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