Natalia Nepryaeva & complete zen


In the last few weeks no top skier’s name was mentioned more often in the media than that of the leader of Team Russia Natalia Nepryaeva.

It all started with her long-time coach Yuri Borodavko mentioning in interview with the Russian media that Natalia needs to lose some weight.

Top Scandinavian newspapers immediately reacted that no Norwegian or Swedish coach would say anything of a kind in 2021.

Then young but feisty Veronika Stepanova from Team Russia got involved in discussion essentially telling the aforementioned papers to mind their own business – which caused a new round of discussions, naturally.

Throughout all this one person didn’t offer an opinion: Natalia herself. Remarkable zen for our day and age.

This is Ms. Nepryaeva during her final preps in Finland on Thursday- tomorrow she races in her first competition of the season in Olos/ Muonio. Deeds speak louder than words?

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