Rumor Mill: Fischer Speedmax Helium


Fischer is about to roll out a new model of race skis called Speedmax Helium.

It will sit a notch above currently top-shelf Speedmax 3D.

The very word helium hints at some tinkering with trapped noble gas bubbles but we don’t know for sure so won’t speculate.

We won’t reveal what color palette the Austrians chose, we found it rather surprising – but that’s a matter of taste, clearly.

Our sources – multiple – expressed their concern at expected price sticker that would put Helium into unchartered uber-premium category. Having said that, here on we always argued for a need of uber-premium products that would attract attention of well-off customers the way Rolex watch attracts them.

It would be expected that selected few athletes would run on Heliums at the Beijing Olympics – the event is almost always serves as a showcase for latest technology in xcskiing.

We shall keep you updated on what new tech the brands are rolling out ahead of the Olympics. Stand with us.

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