Junior World Ski Championships – Why Is It Needed This Year?

Why is the FIS Junior/ U23 World Championships even needed in these times of Covid, when travel restrictions are abound while spectators are not present and the general mood, at least in Europe, is rather “locked-down” to sour ?
We asked top coaches who brought their teams to Vuokatti:

Justyna Kowalczyk-Tekieli, Poland:
– We feel confident with all those disease-spread preventing measures taken by the organizers,feel safe. On the other hand, the guys & the girls were working hard all year to compete at the JWSC. We can’t just stop living – the competitions should go on

Monika Korra, Norway
– It’s important for our sport – the future of skiing. JWSC is the goal for hundreds of junior skiers around the world, it motivates them to take the steps and keep going after their goals and dreams. It’s a place to learn and prosper
Egor Sorin, Russia:
– In some ways Junior World Championships are more important than the “grown-up” ones: as a young athlete you need to be able to compare yourself to the best on the planet and in Juniors you only have 2-3 years to do so. Without the Juniors it’s much harder to make the next step on the international arena. Plus for a young woman or a man, it’s sucha memorable event – I for one carry memories of my Juniors with me throughout my whole life!
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