Talking To Mysterious Kings Of Ski Memes, Fondisti Sensa Gloria

Sorry wasting your time with stating the obvious, but the language of Generation Z is one of a meme. Those kids don’t tell each other lengthy jokes or wax on about injustices of life – they just send each other a fitting meme.

Meet and greet the world’s top Instagram page about cross country skiing that speaks to the young audiences in their own language – and no, it’s not The Daily Skier,sadly. We dig the concept but lack in specific talents.

….We chat today with the leader of the mysterious FSG group who, being an active skier of some considerable prowess, wants to keep his name out of limelight – all we could tell you is that he himself and three other members of his informal collective are perfectly authentic Gen Zeers themselves – and Italian. But that you’ve guessed already.

We shall call him M. then: .

Fondisti Senza Gloria (skiers With no glory) is an entertainment page created for those skiers that didn’t experience the glory in person so far. The glory that comes with winning national or international titles or anything important!

So, the idea is to give hope to everyone, to let them know that they’re not alone if they’re not winning.

And to the champions who found their glory through a lot of victories , our message is: Remember your origins and stay humble. We all started somewhere low.

XCskiing is for patient people and sometimes the results don’t come as fast as we want

That was a silly post to make people laugh. Because, you know, Swix is so big and well-endowed in our sport!

But here is what we want to say: Instagram is a free place, if it offends the sensitivity of some people they’re free to stop following our page.

The language of memes is the one we enjoy because sometimes you can hide hide uncomfortable messages in an easier way.

In the future we could do something in English to expand our audience, we will see – maybe with the beginning of the new season.. as long as there will be a new season …

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