You know who won in Ruka today. Now meet their significant others

Have you seen how convincingly Maja Dahlqvist and Alexander Terentyev won their respective FIS World Cup races on Friday?

We don’t claim to know how they were preparing for them – for the lack of specific coaching knowledge, clearly.

What we do know however, is that both had their significant others present in Ruka, at the starting lane. And that’s a significant factor, we are sure.

Maja and Kevin announced their relationship at the Oberstdorf world championships just a few months ago. They seem to be quite inseparable ever since, with Kevin moving to Sweden
Anna and Alexander have a been a couple for years, throughout their junior careers. As of this season, Anna joined Alexander in the coaching group led by Yuri Borodavko

There are no scientific studies,sadly, as to how the presence of your loved one affects one’s race performance – but we are convinced that it does, in the most positive way.

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