Therese Johaug is launching personal care line

“….Care By Therese Johaug Deodorant is an effective deodorant that keeps you fresh throughout the day. The formulation is enriched with a discreet and delicate scent with notes of fresh citrus, pear and juniper…”

The reigning queen of the world cross country skiing is launching her own personal care line.

The items from the launch collection have started to appear on ASKO website,the Norwegian grocery chain being Johaug’s long-term partner.

Last December Johaug abruptly severed her lucrative long-running deal with Huawei, with Chinese giant putting A LOT of money into promotions with the xcski star – remember Oslo airport abslutely plastered with Therese’s portraits extolling Huawei’s products? Well, that advertising space is free, let’s see if ASKO has a similar ad budget…

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