Redster S9 Gen S: One Size Fits All From Altenmarkt

Atomic Redster S9 Gen S are different, trust us.

Right off the bat: if reading about “supreme stride efficiency” and “enhanced power transmission” is your thing in life – we’ll direct you to the manufacturer’s website , Atomic does a very good job of concocting good sounding and , no doubt ,scientifically supported things here

We just give you a rather superficial impression with a bit of a practical twist:

– they are really one-size fits-all. Atomic brands them as 183 cm but in reality it’s more like 175. Which means you won’t have any trouble fitting it into your VW Golf
– being so short they feel fit for all sorts of off-tracks exercises and are extremely nimble on downhills of all kinds and persuasions
Not sure what Nomex core Atomic uses in Gen S, but they are extremely light
– they are a total pleasure to ski own whether you are a a pro ( Kruger and Belov were not available for our mini-test, but several ex-elite skiers who tried said they were impressed

In short: great effort on delivering universal skis that could in certain situations ( recent World Cup in Falun comes to mind) win any race for an elite skier but are mostly meant as universal weapon. Coach skis? Ski orienteering? Just enjoy the thrill of cutting corners on FIS-homologated ( read ” crazy twisty downhills”) track? Gen S are totally for you!

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