Thea Murud About Her 347K Tour De Force

Thea Krokan Murud – about her ultra-long skiing gig on the weekend:

– There was two of us: my friend Julie Vollum Bø (Norway’s ex U23 champion in cycling and ultrarunner )

– No, were not trying to set a new world record, just wanted to go skiing for 24 hours.

– The loop was about 15 km, in Lillehammer.

– The food that works best is the food you really like, because you have to eat a lot – even when you don’t really want to. I used sports drinks, bars, homemade buns, chocolate, candy, Coke – everything I could’ve think of f with a lot of sugar in it.

– The important thing was to keep warm so my Swix Paragon jacket was a good choice – warm and comfortable.

-Feel good today, actually – it only hurts in elbows and ankles.

All photos are courtesy of @Theamurud Instagram

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