Petter Northug: Johaug Got Million Kronas And I Got Nothing Because I Am Already On Contract

One million kronas or, roughly, 100.000 euros. That’s what Therese Johaug got for her participation in the Landskampen television program as per Petter Northug who also took part (but, allegedly, got nothing for his effort as he’s already on contract).

The Swedish Expressen published an interview with the Norwegian superstar ahead of the program’s debut in Sweden.

Landskampen has already run on TV2 in Norway last year with great primetime ratings and was renewed for next season. Now the show’s 8 installments will be aired on TV4 in Sweden.

In the same interview Northug says that other participants got roughly 20000 euros for making an appearance and that the show’s production schedule was significantly tightened because of Johaug’s commitments elsewhere.

Landskampen’s executive producer Anders Sæther, however, rejects Northug’s assertions:

“Figures are confidential, but what Petter says regarding Therese, is wrong.The reference to Therese making demands regarding a shorter shooting period, is also wrong” says Norway’s leading television show producer who worked with both Northug and Johaug for many years.

The program pits four top Norwegian athletes against their Swedish counterparts and was filmed at the Greek island of Rhodes last spring.

The show’s next season filming starts immediately after skiing season’s ends but the show producers are tightlipped as to which of the narrow planks’ stars will be invited to partake. 100k euros per appearance or not, the format is , clearly, a runaway success with Scandinavian viewers and helps to keep skiing heroes in the limelight in-between races.

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