Johaug As Role Model Outside Tracks Too

Therese Johaug is reigning over her opponents not only on ski tracks – but in financial races too.

The latest accounting report from Setra AS shows that the company earnings are up 17 per cent last
year from NOK 6.22 million to NOK 7.26 million, pre-tax. ( 1mln NOK is roughly 93k euros)

You, naturally, remember, that Setra AS is the firm through which the Olympic champion channels her earnings outside the ski tracks e.g. dividends, advertising and appearance fees etc. etc. – ski-related income such as the World Cup podium money are separate.

Two of the most successful skiers ever, both on and outside the tracks, have much business to discuss

To put it bluntly, the world’s best skier of the last seasons effectively has two jobs: that of being a champion on the tracks and another, separate one of being a public figure, a brand ambassador and an entertainer (cue Landskampen).

Time and again we at the Daily Skier hear from top, international class athletes, effectively Johaug’s competitors, how exhausted they are after training sessions and how difficult it is to find strength to work with sponsors, marketing specialists and the media.

And there is not a shade of doubt that it’s true: pushing yourself to the limit & beyond some 20 hours/ week is supremely hard.

Now, imagine how Therese must be tired after her sessions that still keep her well ahead of the ” hunting pack? Yet somehow she finds reserves to get up, dress up and work yet another Huawei promo shoot.

Perhaps, there is something to learn not only from how she trains but from how she pushes herself to do other things in life rather than being a pro-athlete? Just a thought…

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Source : E24 Norge

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