Tatyana Sorina Looks Unstoppable On Tracks – Eight Months After Having Baby!


Tatyana Sorina ( Aleshina) is a surprise winner of the Saturday’s 10k C in Olos/ Muonio beating Natalia Nepryaeva and Teresa Stadloeber among the others.

Tatyana is being coached by her husband, Egor Sorin, and the pair had their first child THIS YEAR. In fact, Tatyana just stopped breastfeeding!

” Tatyana looked very strong already at the Russian Summer championships, there is a big progress in her performance level. The theory says that psychological and physiological effects of having a baby are very strong – now we are seeing it confirmed in practice “, Egor Sorin told Dailyskier.com in recent interview.

Power of motherhood is immense indeed – and probably seriously understudied when it comes to elite sport!

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