Daily Skier At Oberstdorf 2021: Russia In Camouflage

Not sure anyone would even understand what’s going on were she/ he to be shown the photo we put in the headline a mere year ago. Let us help you to decipher:

Two Russian skiers, wearing FFP2 masks, that are compulsory in Bavaria, pass by the camouflaged Russian wax truck at the Oberstdorf World Championships

FFP2 masks are compulsory for everyone and everywhere at the championships – with a notable exception of actual athletes on the tracks, both training and competing.

Camouflage on the Russian trucks and vans is a different story: according to the recent decision by the Court of Arbitration in Sports (CAS), Russian athletes could take part in the world championships but the country’s flag, the coat-of-arms, the anthem and even the name are effectively banned from the venue for past doping transgressions.

CCSFR means Cross-country Skiers From Russia, a title FIS came up with for the Russian athletes
It used to say Russian Cross-country Ski Team
Another view of the wax truck. Since it’s huge AND covered in Russian 🇷🇺 insignia all over, refoiling it would cost a fortune. FIS agreed that camouflage-type thick net is sufficient
Alex Bolshunov is still world’s #1 male skier, however – whether you call him Russian or ” the athlete from Russia ” – and he looks like he came to Oberstdorf to finally win the gold that had eluded him thus far
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