With Victory In Falun Linn Svahn Leaves Mark In History


It sounds mind-blowing but bare two months ago even World Cup teams’ coaches – and reporters – did not know how Linn’s last name is spelled and, upon hearing it, were wondering if she’s related to Gunde Svan.

Fast forward to Febrauary and marvel along with us: Svahn who turned 20 only in December has already earned her place in history of skiing: three individual World Cup victories out of seven starts in total!

Curvy & fast track (Falun), altitude (Davos) or flat city (Dresden), skate or classic – seemingly makes no difference.
Linn is tactically savvy and probably has fastest finish in the world in 2020.

No other prodigy, not even Klaebo or Bolshunov had such a record at the their 20.

Add two golds Svahn already won this year in Team Sprint (together with Maja Dahlqvist ) to fully appreciate the extent of achievement of a skier from Östersund.

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