Sergey Ustiugov Proposes! Here Are Other Couples Looking Ready To Get Hitched

It finally happened! Sergey Ustiugov bent his knee and proposed to his long-term girlfriend Elena Soboleva.

Ustiugov, double world champion -2017 and TdS winner, does not need much presentation. Sovoleva, ex-U23 world champion in sprint, has moved to distance skiing recently and just became a national champ on 50k ( yep, that’s fifty – they compete in that ultra-long distance in Russia)

Characteristically for the couple, social media accounts of both stayed silent – luckily for humanity, many of their friends felt it’s their duty to inform the world about the big event.

The occasion gives us all the excuses we need to present you other long-term & public in their affections couples in the world’s best sport:

Biathlete Monika Hojnisz and Poland’s best male skier Maciej Starega have already set the date for the wedding – it’s in the summer
Greta Laurent and Federico Pellegrino are presently on vacation in Madagaskar. Looks like Ustiugov have outrun his erstwhile opponent on the race to nuptial bliss!
Laura Gimmler and Florian Notz form another steady and very publicly affectionate couple
For Laurien van der Graaff Andreas Waldmeier is 3 in 1: coach, boyfriend and her favorite artist ( Waldmeier is a painter of note in his native Switzerland & beyond)
Anna Zherebyateva and Alexander Bolshunov are both only 22 – but have been together for several years now. The two young Russians seemingly spend all their free time together. Good thing they are also in the same training group!
Unlike all those previously listed, Anastasia Sedova and Alexander Kuleshov are already married – and, by the look of things, very happily married for that

Photos of Laurent/Pellegrino and Ustiugov proposing to Soboleva are courtesy of Instagram. The rest of photos are ©

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