Need To Know: Who’s Getting Married In International Skiing?

The boss of the Russian national team broke the news that two of her skiers are planning to tie the knot – without quite revealing who.

Now we are talking about something truly exciting!

Gold medals and Chrystal Cups are being won regularly – but actual marriages inside the International Ski Circus are exceedingly rare.

Which gives us an excuse ( as if we needed one) to look at the couples in international skiing.

The Olympic champion of Sochi-2014 in sprint Ola Vigen Hattestad  turned out to be a geat combo of husband and coach. Just ask his wife Katja Visnar who brought home a silver medal from Seefeld 2019! In Sprint, of course, Team Sprint.

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Sometimes it feels that Anna Zherebyateva and Alexander Bolshunov separate only when both have to run their respective races. Yes, those two are the very picture of being into each other. It is out firm belief here at the DailySkier, based on long term observations, that stability of Bolshunov’s performance this year is in so many ways due to steadiness of their relationship. Anna did well too be winning U23 World Championship title in her favorite classic style.

Greta Laurent and Federico Pellegrino.

You should see how Greta supports Chicco when he runs in the finals!

Sophie Caldwell and Simi Hamilton, two of the best US ski sprinters & and a long-term “item” have announced their engagement a few weeks ago.

Laura Gimmler and Florian Notz. Those two don’t like posting pictures of them together on Instagram. Luckily, the intrepid Daily Skier was at the right time at the right place i.e. in Davos

Finally, who is that lucky couple about to get hitched on Elena Vyalbe’s post? We don’t know ( naturally) but they do bear strong resemblance to another well known “item”

…я не знаю что будет дальше, но проживу это вместе с тобой or I don’t know what shall come to pass but I will live it out with you.

Thus spoken Elena Soboleva, a Team Russia skier and long-time girlfriend of Sergei Ustiugov. Well put, Elena – and the best of luck to you both!

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