Stars of 19/20 For You To Look At. Part 2 – Men

Once again: the word “star” in our parlance does not just mean “the one who wins”. Rather, it’s the one who shines both on and off the tracks.

Luckily for the sport, it’s one and the same currently. Or, more accurately, two and the same since we have two amazing athletes who will surely take their fight for the title of the world’s best skier to the new level

triple Olympic, triple World champion, the winner of the Crystal Globe of the last two season at the age of 23. What else could one desire for? Third one, we guess. He just can’t bear losing
Johannes Klaebo is once-in-generation athlete who rarely leaves his competitors any chance in sprints. Distance? He trained hard in the summer, we shall see
Alex Bolshunov – the only man with comparable talent to Klaebo and the only one who could challenge Johannes for the title
Bolshunov has worked extremely hard in the summer hoping to find keys to beating his Norwegian arch-rival in increased training regimen. And of course a 22 year old Russian remains a more universal skier of the two
Sergey Ustiugov is one of the few skiers who could give Klaebo and Bolshunov a run for their money. Ex world champion had patchy last season but nobody doubts his enormous talent
Iivo Niskanen is in brilliant form in November and is eager to bring Finland its first World Cup
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