Tatyana Sorina , about her unique experience: For some our way of doing things would work, for the others absolutely not!

Tatyana Sorina and her husband Egor pave their own tracks to success. Consider this: no top female athlete in history of this sport had a child, then ascended to the top flight of international skiing within months. No one ever tried to raise a child literally in a training camp: this year alone a little Sofia did about ten of them already.Egor Sorin is widely considered to be a rising star among the international trainers – he’s open, emotional, speaks very good English and generally media savvy. Tatyana grants interviews fairly rarely so we used our chance when our paths crossed in Ramsau:

A familiar sight to all international skiers in the last 20 months or so: Tatyana is training, Egor ably combines coaching and taking care of Sofia

– You are a unique top flight skier in many aspects. One of them is that you and your husband decided to have your daughter along on all of your many training camps, sort of raise her on the go from Day One. Sofia is almost 20 months old now. What advise would you give to all the female skiers who are carefully observe your experience

– Besf advice I could give is to listen to your heart, to yourself. For some our way of doing things would work, for the others absolutely not.
I feel both more at ease and more motivated when I see Sofia every day. It’s a huge inspiration, boost to see her after a hard training day – I certainly would be more concerned, nervous were she not around.
Then again, don’t let anybody shame you into repeating what we are doing – if the child affects your concentration, maybe best to be honest with yourself and have someone else take care of him or her – grandparents would be prime candidates.

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Sorins and Veronika Stepanova at Blink Festival this August. To say Sofia was popular among skiers is a total understatement

Organisationally, logistically it’s tough. Egor takes care of it all, such a good husband he is! Would it be doable without husband-coach? Not something every woman could handle, for sure. Only if husband is both willing to be a prime caretaker and either doesn’t need to work or can work remotely. So, doable- but tough!

Sorina at the World Championships in Oberstdorf in February
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