Swiss Team Announces Squad Selection 2020/21

The Swiss ski federation is traditionally among the first to announce the squad selection for the upcoming season – pretty much the moment the last one is over. Corona-crisis or not, the Swiss have decided to keep with traditions

Only three athletes made it to the national team this time around: Dario Cologna, Nadine Fähndrich and Laurien van der Graaff. No surprises there – all three had strong last season.

Fähndrich/ van der Graaff duo is among the strongest in the world. Here they are captured right after the silver finish in Dresden, their second Team Sprint podium of the season
2019/20 wasn’t the best season for the Olympic champion, only one individual podium – but, rumor has it, Cologna was experimenting with training load in preparations for the World Championships ’21 and the Beijing Olympics

There are two losses compared to the last season: Nathalie von Siebenthal has finished her career rather abruptly last year while Jovian Hediger is now part of A-team, which is one step below. Hediger had a rather good season with several top-20 positions, but the bosses of the Swiss skiing are obviously satisfied with podiums only.

Juniors World sprint medalist Valerio Grond, 19, is now part of Team B and super-talent and Juniors World champion Siri Wigger is in the junior team. Well, Siri is only 16.

Siri Wigger was nothing but sensational last season

A well-known specialist took helm of the Swiss xcski team a cooule of weeks ago. Christian Flury, 43, in the last three years was running ( a rather swanky) National Performance Center in Davos. Named after – you guessed it – Dario Cologna. Under Flury it quickly rose to become a place of choice for training camp for some of the world’s best.

Flury and Yuri Borodavko, Bolshunov & Nepryaeva coach, discuss some finer points of coaching as Russia’s best sweat it out off-frame at the Davos performance center last August.
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