Bolshunov Popped The Question! Where Are Other Stars in THAT Race?

He popped the question! Alexander Bolshunov has beaten his chief rival yet again – and that distance shall be the longest ever. And the most pleasant too, hopefully!

If might want to go back to our interview of 2018 where they talk about their feelings for each other.

Bolshunov And Zherebyateva. On Love, Support – And Johannes Klaebo

And what about Johannes?

Johannes Høsflot Klæbo and Pernille Dosvik made their relationship public in April 2018. Since then, they moved together into a newly built house ( Klaebo wins that race – Bolshunov & Zherebyateva are still working on kitting-out their family nest) and became “parents” to a cat called Stjerne or “Star”. A fitting name and another one-up on the Russian rivals, who still pose on photos with their parents’ dogs.

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I haven’t stopped smiling!! ❤️💍

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Wade Poplawski, Jessie Diggins’ Boyfriend is a former collegiate ice hockey player who now works as a financial analyst (“CFA & Fixed Income Trader” his LinkedIn page says. Not sure what it means but sounds like it involves handling a lot of money!). The first US Olympic champion in xcskiing has shown “the rock ” to tens of thousands of her Insta-fans a few months ago.

Therese Johaug met Nils Jakob Hoff on the plane. The lanky ex-world champion in rowing is often seen with diminutive Johaug at her races. The third important member of the family if called Jägermeister

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En vanlig måndagkväll i SolleC🤠

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Frida Karlsson is dating a fellow Team Sweden skier William Poromaa. Both come from well-known skiing families: Mia, mother of Frida, and Anette Fanqvist, mother of William, were even in the Swedish national team for a bit together back in the early 1990s. William’s father, Larry Poromaa, has been the head coach of both Team Sweden and the US cross-country ski team.

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But the biggest acclaim goes to Sergey Ustiugov and his wife Yelena Soboleva-Ustiugova: with arrival of their firstborn, Kira, earlier this year, those two are the clear leaders and, one hopes, an example for the rest of the world & Olympic champions mentioned!

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