Reactions To Norwegians Dropping Out Of North American World Cup Stages

Yuri Borodavko, Alexander Bolshunov’s coach: “That’s not how we would like to get the World Cup! The fact that the Norwegians are not coming is a show of disrespect towards other nations. And a big hit on the FIS standings
Gjøran Tefre, part of Team Norway’s selection for the North American WC stages:
” I am very sorry and very sad that we have to stay home. But then we have to take our and the all Norwegians’ health seriously and stop the spread of the virus. So when they have decided that the best thing is to stay home, we just have to respect that. And with all races in Norway beeing cancelled, the right thing probably is not to race at all. Still, I have been looking forward to this for a long time now so I am realy dissapointed.”
Markus Cramer, Team Russia coach: I don’t understand why the FIS did not cancel the whole thing ahead of time. As to us, regardless of the Norwegians, we came here to Canada to compete and we will compete. “
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