Victory Scream: Who Does It Better. And Who Doesn’t At All

They all train for that moment- ans most find it essential to let the world hear.

We couldn’t find any scientific study that measures and analyzes why athletes scream at the finish line when they win. Perhaps, it’s deemed to be too obvious.

There are studies proving that athlete scream could increase grip strength by up to 25 percent(!) .

Or that it significantly improves pain tolerance.

But the finish line yell is hardly about strength increase or pain tolerance. More like a primordial manifestation of “I am stronger than you”.

Not all athletes are born the same however:

In our purely unscientific observations Therese Johaug is not only the queen of xcskiing, but the queen of the victory celebrations too with her yell being the loudest, the longest and the most visual
We reckon that Linn Svahn might eventually catch up with Therese – she clearly shows signs of being able to celebrate her supremacy loudly
Emma Ribom is another strong victory shout potential
On men’s side Alex Bolshunov reigns supreme in his vocal celebrations. Not quite on Johaug’s level – but you do see that adrenaline storm raging
Pål Golberg is showing some promise in that field of vocalization as well,
probably needs to practice a tad more
Finally, there is a standout, the one who is bucking the trend: never seen or heard Johannes Klaebo yelling in victory at the finish line. Perhaps, the best is yet to come..
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