Petter Northug Got Stuck In Russia Indefinitely. Or Not

Dagbladet reports that Petter Northug has got stuck in Moscow without means of coming back home as air travel between two countries has been shut down.

Coronavirus-situation moves fast, faster even than the Norwegian double Olympic champion ever did.

When Northug went to Moscow last week to star in the Legkov Race, the planes were still flying and rhe trains were still chugging along. Now it’s all shut down except for a very few remaining flights from the Russian capital to places like Berlin or Paris…but those tend to put all the arrivals on quarantine the lenght/ severity of which varies. Or not to accept third country citizens at all.
The situation (that is, if you are not following and we reckon you do) is very dynamic and is changing every day.

Petter himself, however, reacted with a characteristic facepalm to Dagbladet story.

Nobody needs to get worried about Northug’s fate in Russia: in the land where hundreds were queuing to get his autograph last week and some women were overheard telling the tall Norwegian ” how impossibly handsome” he is (yep, it’s a quote) he won’t be left on the street.

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