Gear Update: What New We Spotted At Ski Tour 2020

There wasn’t a huge amount of premiers at Ski Tour 2020 when it comes to gear, yet some notable debuts were spotted:

Anamarija Lampic ” podium walks” the newest One Way Diamond SLG20 poles
At 50g/m SLG20 are incredibly light. One Way is only supplying its sponsored athletes with the new poles. Start of sales: fall 2020
Swix is lagging a tad behind its Fischer-owned rival: Triac Aero 4.0s only appeared as non-foiled ” Release Candidate” version…
..what’s important is who had them: Alex Bolshunov is not exactly known for heaping praises on gear yet he says that Aero 4.0s feel really good.
Rossignol S series hitherto camouflaged to look as last year’s model made an appearance in their true foil colors after the debut at ISPO
Last but not the least: say hello to the coach mobile/ track layer of the future: eSled by Aurora Powertrains was presented by Vattenfall. Pros: all-electric with a range of up to 60 kilometres. Cons: about 36k euros retail
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