One Small Step For Apparel Maker, One Giant Leap For Mankind

In 2020 the most important piece of gear for cross country skier is…not skis – smartphone!

Assume you all agree that’s an axiom and thus doesn’t need proving: enough to look at the strength/ speed with which hitherto dead-tired young men and women rush for their phones once their race or training session is over.

Sure, there a sect within the community that believes that skiing time IS the time to unwind and take a break from that “connected life” – but its numbers are rapidly dwindling. The masses roar:”Nothing gets between me and my smartphone – ever!”

Jokes aside, unless you happened to be a world class skier who is nearly always accompanied by coach/ support personnel on car/ bike, you do need a smartphone – to play your music, count your calories, take your selfies – and, most importantly, in case of an accident.

…The fact hitherto completely ignored by all xcski apparel makers. We dare you to squeeze your Galaxy S20 into any of those silly small back pockets nearly all tights/ pants have!

No more:

Swix latest Carbon apparel collection features training tights with a side pocket big enough to fit even 7 inch smartphone. We tried

If storied xcski apparel makers won’t catch up with times and fill the market with smartphone-friendly clothes – someone else will, the world is small these days:

No-name South-Asian brands were much quicker in figuring out that man and his IPhone never ever part these days. With quality that might get your through the summer – if you’re lucky. But with a very attractive pricetag

… That was about smartphone. Believe it or not, some skiers also need/ want to carry along in their pockets home keys, car keys. ID, some cash and nutrition bars / gels! Not everyone is a fan of hip-bouncing thermobelt designed back in the days of first plastic skis.

Later this week we’ll show DIY innovations some crafty skiers implemented
when they couldn’t find anything on the market. Stay tuned.

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