Spotted: New Rossignol Boots

Håvard Solås Taugbøl was recently spotted wearing what looked like prototype classic ski boots.

A bronze medallist of Oberstdorf’21 clearly aims to improve his performance further next season.

It’s not very often one gets to hear an assessment of something that hasn’t been released yet but Håvard has shared his impressions:

“Those are both classic and skiatlon boots. They are made on the same principle as the old ones – with a cuff you can take on and off. These new ones have a higher outside layer though that goes up to the lower legs. How do they work for me? Very good 🙌🏼”.

In the coming weeks and months we shall see a lot of new gear – all aimed at giving an athlete an edge, whatever small, at the upcoming Beijing Olympics. Some of that stuff we at Dailyskier have seen already, got duly impressed and shall report on soon as get a go-ahead from respective developers. Stay tuned!

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