Most Important Part Of Skiing Event Is VIP Lounge. And Who’s Attending


Nadine Faehndrich efforts an incredible last-gasp lunge trying to beat Linn Svahn at the finish line.

Right in front of the VIP lounge – see all those folks obseving from their vantage position? Creme de la creme of the Saxonian society was there, partying and watching skiing.

Nadine and Linn are fantastic athletes but , in all due respect, hardly household names in Eastern Germany. These people came for an original form of Sunday brunch featuring elements of skiing. But it’s their money (or their company’s money) that paid for the show.

Yes, it’s oversimplification – human beings are somewhat complicated species , there are other elements at play. But the world is unmistakably moving in that direction – VIP lounges at football stadiums bring in more money, directly or otherwise than ordinary tickets sales.

So when you start planning your skiing event – think of what a view of races VIP guests would get and who would do the catering , not what tracks are going to look like and whether there would be enough snow.

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