China Opens Asia-First XCSki Tunnel

While we were busy watching the events in Seefeld, at Vasaloppet etc., Chinese comrades have fairly quietly opened a cross country ski tunnel

“….An all-weather cross-country ski resort, believed to be Asia’s first of its kind, was put into use in northeast China’s Jilin Province…”

What’s immediately striking, is the amount of investment – 990 million yuan translates into some 130 million euros at the current exchange rate. Or about four times the amount the Oberhof ski tunnel in Germany, widely considered the most expensive of them all, cost to build

Somehow, none of that staggering amount of money was spent on promotion & advertisement – hard as we tried, we couldn’t find a single photo of the new facility.

What’s not in doubt, however, is a massive commitment China shows towards development of winter sports. Beijing wants its citizens to be happy & content – and what’s the better way of making somebody content than a healthy bit of cross country skiing?

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