Petter Northug Is Calling On You!

Yes, you!

Because you don’t want to just let this winter slip away. And because you want to witness gathering of stars like nowhere else in the this part of the Universe.

Hafjell is a ski resort about 20 minutes drive from Lillehammer or around two hours from Oslo airport. World-class skiing in Norway is always close to ” modern civilization”

World’s fastest skiers Emanuele “Lele” Becchis and Ludvig “Ludde” Søgnen Jensen expect to throw gauntlet to Johannes Klaebo himself at 100m Supersprint. Becchis is the current world record holder at 10.78 ( clock your own 100m on skis, freestyle – see how good you are.)

In 30k freestyle race Alexander Bolshunov will meet Sjur Røthe and Hans Christer Holund – how’s that for a rematch of Seefeld where a 22 year old Russian prodigy narrowly lost to either on 30k and 50k respectively?

What race is there where any one of us could take a start alongside the world’s best?

And even that is not all. It would be worth calling Janteloppet spectacular, one of a kind event even if none of the aforementioned stars were turned up. Because Janteloppet is a brand-new personal project of the greatest skier of this century – Petter Northug Jr. (also known to his social media fans as @Jantelov1 )

Who wishes to convey this message to all the readers of this story:

“Share the passion for the sport of cross country skiing – and do not be afraid of going your own way in order to achieve your goal!”

So Petter to say so!

See how hard he works to prepare a perfect track for you for April 13th?

photo courtesy of Lillehammer Tourism Board

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