New Visma Ski Classics Race Slots In Very Nicely

In its 10th season Visma Ski Classics series will make a very welcome expansion to its schedule

For years now the season of the world’s most prestigious series after the FIS World Cup would start in Livigno ( ( at least for amateur skiers) , at much beloved La Sgambeda at the first weekend of December.

But then there was gaping hole in schedule, lasting from a few weeks ( when China Vasaloppet was part of the Visma Ski Classics) to a more than a month as the last season.

That, of course, wouldn’t do.

As the series’ maverick boss David Nilsson admits “…For several years we have been looking for an event suitable to expand our December event calendar…”

And now it’s finally there. Meet & greet La Venosta, a 45 km high altitude event ( 30 for recreational skiers on the same tracks) on December 14th, 2019

Just don’t bother looking for La Venosta on Google Maps – it knows the region by its German-language name, Vinschgau.

The place has, needless to say, fantastic Alpine scenery and (reasonably) snow-sure 5 km ski track at some 1,900 meters – so, very similar to Livigno’s conditions around same time of the year.

Additional perk some might find interesting: Davos is less than 2 hours away by car if you take one-of-a-kind Vereina car train. And Davos traditionally hosts FIS World Cup races that weekend so a true fan might combine racing her/himself with watching Klaebo & Bolshunov doing the same.

We say: that’s great news that yet another tourism-oriented valley in the Alps wants to have a big international event. Mind you, staging Visma Ski Classic race is a completely different level of organization and costs compared to local races. The fact that the South Tyroleans are willing to do that shows that they expect skiers to come to them and the sport to grow. Win-win for everyone.

all photos are courtesy of Vinschgau Tourism Board

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