Here Is What Are You Missing By Not Coming To Seefeld – But It Is Not Too Late!

You should have totally gone to Seefeld-2019. And if you contemplated and chose not to – your loss, really.

Luckily you still have a chance – the upcoming weekend is full of great races and there’s a lot more to do than just to watch the world’s most fittest women & men compete ( as if it were not enough on its own!)

Here are the reasons you need to convince yourself, your best half & a bunch of friends to go:

– Getting there is not easy – it’s very easy. And for most part cheap.

closest airport, period, is Innsbruck – it’s just a half an hour away. Closest big airport is Munich and it’s 3,5 hours on a train ( going through the mountains, good for sightseeing and holiday smartphone photos), under 3 hours on point-to-point bus and about 1,5 hours by car. Around this time of the year most rental companies are running discount offers on their best rides, so if you ever wanted to combine autobahn speeds and cross country skiing – here’s your best chance

brand-new Seefeld train station
trains to Innsbruck and Munich look like that
straight off the train ( bus, car) you get that kind of view. If that does not impress you – well, nothing on this planet will
Fan Mile is set up so that one could just stand and observe ( or say hello) all those great skiers you normally only get to watch on TV. Here are
Baptiste Gros and Renaud Jay of Team France
…Alexander Bolshunov of Team Russia
…Peter Schlickenrieder, head coach of Team Germany ( center)
all you need to do – is to sit & get Alpine sunbaths. Yes, it’s around +10 C in the middle of the day
…or combine observing past & future champions with food intake
…that photo shouldn’t really be on the sport site, but here we go
Combining watching skiing with doing skiing? totally possible. This trail runs straight out of the train station in the middle of Seefeld
… and guess who we met on that trail? foreground, Tobias Angerer, most famous German skier ever and Elena Vyalbe, boss of the Russian skiing ( hidden behind Tobias’muscular frame) doing their morning ski miles. And so could you!
getting rooms in picturesque hotels steps away from the ski stadium is still possible if pricey. But Innsbruck and nearby villages have accommodations to suit any budget & taste

So, warm sun, poster-worthy scenery and a chance to get to see the world’s best skiers up close ( and, perhaps, even personal). Life’s short – do what you really wanted to do, but found excuse not to.

..Worst case, if it’s really too late – just about every word/ picture applies to Oberstdorf, Germany – venue of the next Championships -2021. Now, there is a really no excuse to miss it!

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