What Skis Did They Really Use In Seefeld

By now everybody sure knows that the skis they run & won ( or not) on are not the same they are standing at the podium with.

Hence the name: “podium skis”.

Podium skis – nice & clean & shiny

The latter ones are always the latest models – the former ones could literally be anything. We haven’t seen anybody winning on 10 year old skis but sure saw some Top-30 athletes using those in their races to varied effect.

Anyways, we thought it would be fun to take a look at what did they REALLY use in Seefeld – in this case primarily in sprint

Fischer once again won the manufacturers’s competition – thanks to such mavericks as Johannes Klaebo, pictured here with his newest Speedmax 3Ds
…it does not mean Johannes did not use something a tad older occasionally – like here he is clearly seen on the previous iteration of Speedmax, same as Lucas Chanavat
on the whole, Speedmax 3Ds acquainted themselves really well in Seefeld – here’s Kristine Skistad and her pair
….Eva Urevc and her’s ( note how hard her skis are – 83-84kg!
Rossignol S3s belonging to guess who?
did you notice those white dots on Alexander Bolshunov’s Rossignol S3s?
.. the ones Calle Halfvarsson’s S3s lack?
Elisa Brocard and her Salomon Carbons
….Alex Harvey and his
Sandra Ringwald and her Redline 2.0s
Tiril Weng and her Redster Carbons
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