Closer Look: Newest Rossignol X-Ium Premium SK Course

..this year we want do a coverage of novelties & other things for mentioning at ISPO , concentrating in depth on specific products.

In case the word ISPO does not sound familiar: it’s humongously sized winter sports & outdoor expo happening in Munich every year. Cross country skiing equipment manufacturers are all there with their wares & services – with a notable exception of Salomon and Atomic that customarily ignore it.

We start with long-anticipated premiere of new top-of-the-line Rossignol boots. Why with them? Well,for one thing Alex Bolshunov keeps on winning in them recently (camouflaged to look as previous model) – it should say something.

If you need a second reason here is one : Rossignol always tried to keep their prices on top-level boots lower than most in not all competitors. We’ve been given to understand that practice would be continued. So, for many the new SK Course would probably become a entry ticket to the shiny world true racing boots.

Rossi boots are traditionally developed in Montebelluna, lovely Italian town some 50k from Venice.
Upper’s colors would be bolder. Or screamier – you decide. It did not feel that the actual upper’s material is fundamentally different from the last one
Unlike other bootmakers, Rossi rolls out both Skate and Classic models at the same time. Later feels very light, somewhere in 280g/ boot region
The main distinction compared to previous SK model: one-piece carbon platform – the last one had two glued together. Which results in higher torsional rigidity. White design elements come as free extra
Unusually, the older SK will be continued but with new, bolder color scheme
Back of the new Sk/ SK Course. Easy to tell: orange R on black means newest iteration, the reverse colors = older, 2019 and earlier SK

Don’t expect them on your friendly local store’s too shelf just yet. Next season – might not even be the beginning of it.

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