Overboots Fashion In XCSkiing : Who’s Got What

We feel it is our sacred duty to keep you abreast with latest fashion trends in cross country skiing.

Let us leave you in no doubt whatsoever: overboots are all the rage on Alpine resorts frequented by the world’s top skiers this time of the year.

Most photos were taken at/around the recent FIS World Cup event in Davos where it was circa minus 12 Celsius.

Looking through pictures it became obvious that while men seems to shunning them overboots, ladies embraces them readily. A case in point:

Another thing you will notice looking at the pictures: Alpina, Fischer and Rossignol boot owners opt for overboots while Salomon, Atomic and Madshus athletes don’t use them in these conditions ( and, therefore, are not shown). Coincidence or are the latter one so much warmer?

Two Young stars stars are visually sticking out from the pack:

they are either not content with off-shelf overboots – or have somebody in the family who is much into knitting. Tiril Weng here
…and Evelina Piippo on this photo

the rest of the pictures are self-explanatory

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