Five Skiers Born In XXI Century Who Kicked Some Ass In First Races Of Season

Yes, we know that the XXI century officially started in 2001, but we simply feel like listing here all those who have 20XX as their birth date – see it as a bit of “boundary marker” , if you like.

And yes, we can’t wait for these great young athletes, some of them still teenagers, to appear at the World Cup and, who knows, at the next year’s Olympics?

Helene Fossesholm, 19, has proved yet again that she’s the brightest upcoming star of international skiing by grabbing two podiums in two distance races in Beitostoelen that featured all of Norway’s best
Anastasia Faleeva, 20 won her first Russian Cup gold in sprint in Vershina Tei. Technically, the Russia’s best were in Finland, preparing for the start of FIS World Cup but Yelena Vyalbe is traditionally introducing her younger skiers to the big battles very gradually. Anyhow, Faleeva is widely seen is a major force to be reckoned with, in classic sprint in particular…
…ditto for a 19 year old Veronika ” Nika” Stepanova who pretty much annihilated the rest of competitors in 5kF at the same Russian Cup – that with the field packed with seasoned World Cup starters and current Team Russia members. Fans might remember Stepanova and Fossesholm, then both 17, ducking it out in the freestyle leg of the relay at the World Juniors’ 2019 with the Norwegian eventually winning. Something tells that that duel will continue on “higher tracks” very, very soon
The most surprising name on our list today: William Poromaa. The son of Larry Poromaa and boyfriend of Frida Karlsson (who doesn’t get a mention here despite her victory, being born in 1999) has destroyed the pack on 15k F in Bruksvallarna. Obviously did something very right in the summer & the autumn!
The last to appear on our list is Ansgar Evensen. The 20 year old stopped the clock just outside the podium in Sprint C in Beito, but with all the strongest in the run, the Norwegian national race looks almost like the World Championships minus Bolshunov (again, we are talking Sprint Classic here)
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