Defying Conventions: Skier Who Runs & Wins In Non-Carbon Sole Boots

Control, stability and efficient power transfer. That’s what top boots give skier and that’s why all gearmakers had to dig into complicated and expensive carbon-fiber technology in the last few years.

We can’t stop extolling virtues of top boots for skiers of all levels. Yet there are some top skiers who are not altogether or not always seduced by them carbon soles.

Alayna Sonnesyn of Team USA is the World Cup-class skier who actively alternates between top model and 2d-line plastic sole/ carbon cuff one while racing.

In her case, X-IUM Carbon Premium Skate and X-IUM WC Skate

In 2019 she won the American Birkebeiner race – yes, wearing those X-IUM WC Skate

We got in touch with Alayna with traditional What gives? Here’s what she told us:

The full-carbon boot provides much more stability (especially in classic skiing I think) so you can ski pretty aggressively in them without worrying about hurting your ankles, etc.

The downside to that is the boots are then pretty stiff and hard to mold to your feet. Because of this, the boots can cause bone spurs if you don’t gradually break them in. That was my issue this past season which is why I had to continue using my older, less-carbon boots while racing in Europe. Hoping to make the full switch to carbon boots next year!

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