Dear Skiers, It’s Time To Get Off Your Butts And To Start Making Yourselves Useful To Sponsors!

The coronavirus pandemic isn’t just affecting the health of many — it the first event since the influenza pandemic some 100 years and the both world wars that actually affects all or almost all of us.

The economies are crushing and even if there would be a rebound after the end of the crises one thing is certain:

Get this: the first item on expense sheet to be cancelled or absolutely minimized would be pro-sport sponsorships.

For virtually all companies – with possible exceptions of those in groceries sector or teleconferencing , those seem to be doing relatively well under circumstances.

We profess that there will be an unprecedented battle for remaining euro, dollar and krona among all athletes, not just skiers.

And many if not all sponsors would ask a very reasonable question: what have you done for us? In good times and, especially, at times when people prefer to keep their savings in toilet paper stocks (literally) ? How did you help us to promote what we produce and sell?

It’s not 1999. Of all cooperation forms the social media has the most direct and measurable impact. One just has to treat it as a job – methodically yet using imagination.

Wwe looked around and here’s what we found out:

Johannes Klaebo is pulling no stops lending his image to Hufs, hair product company where he has a stake at.

Therese Johaug is busy promoting textiles for the brand where she no longer has a stake but where she continues to be the main ambassador.

In both cases nothing says ” during coronacrisis” so it’s likely a scheduled promo. Still, big enough deal that fans get to see their favorite stars – even if the promo “pre-recorded”.

Krista Parmakoski is promoting fancy recovery equipment. That type of product is a luxury item, not easy to sell even in good times – in crisis it would absolutely need a supreme effort of someone with Krista’s pull among fans:

There is nothing pre-recorded about Petter Petter Northug’s appearance – and if anybody thinks it’s not a sponsor(s) promotion – he/ she is badly wrong:

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But you know what’s common between Klaebo, Johaug, Parmakoski and eternal Petter Northug? They all make hundreds of thousands of euros per year and somehow we are sure that they are the ones who won’t fall under the bus even in the crisis.

What of younger, less well-off and far more vulnerable funding fluctuations’ athletes?

We searched quite extensively and happy to report that there is at least one who seem to get the importance of the “in the time of crisis” promotion – meet Veronika Stepanova, Russia’s junior and native of scenic Kamchatka:

Have we missed somebody’s effort in that field? Do write to us – well do it our best to promote your activity.

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