Young Blood’ Marketing Power Heavily Underestimated

Junior/ U23 World Ski Championships is one of the most underrated sporting shows on Earth.

If you are a gear or apparel manufacturer you want to sell. If you are a specialized sporting goods shop you want to attract customers. If you offer services of whatever kind – you want exposure & right buzz.

When 500 extremely fit young women and men gather to race against fairytale backdrop of the Finnish wonderland you’ve got a stage you want your products to be put into.

So “people lose track of their wallets” as the classic description of good marketing goes.

Who do you reckon shall affect shopping choices of a 15 year girl who’s purchasing power is only limited by that wallet of her parents ( and virtually unlimited in case of fathers!) – a 30 year old world champion or a 20 year Junior world champion?

Veronika Stepanova, who won gold in 5k F and became a Russian hero overnight for her spirited fight in a relay, gets worshipping signs from her teammate Olga Zholudeva. This one is kinda playful – but who can tell how many Russian girls (and boys!) would now take up Veronika as their hero? We say lots…
Lisa Lohmann not only represented Germany with a flair ( and the gold in Sprint) – she’s a great promoter for Sport Luck sports shop in her native Oberhof. How could you not stop by and do a tidy bit of shopping while you there?

The races not on TV? Young people don’t watch television – they watch YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

Conversly, television has started paying more attention to youth skiing – afraid losing to online, perhaps . For the first time ever JWSC races went live on the national television in Russia – that’s a potential exposure to the audience of tens of millions

The gamble paid off:
Says Match TV manager Alexander Taschchin: “We took some risks with a decision to broadcast JWSC races but we are actually very pleased with viewership figures we had “.

When Niilo Moilanen wins Sprint C by what looked like a mile – and says ” my skis were amazing today” – don’t you think potential audience starts considering Peltonen as a next buy ?
Alexander Ivshin raises his hands after winning gold in 30k C . Is he thanking his Swix poles, at least in part?
Hope, we’ve proven our point – Junior/ U23 World Championships is one place to advertise at/ against and it’s high time gear and apparel makers start treating the young stars the way they treat the grown up ones: seriously. Market will respond, no doubt there
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