Benefits of Cross Country Skiing, Known and Hidden

Dear new friend,

The very fact that you’re on this page tells us that you’re ready, willing and, hopefully, able to join us in our favorite sport and pastime. Welcome on board! Before you start, let’s strengthen your resolve by quickly going through main benefits and advantages of cross country skiing.

Skiing you burn more calories than doing any other sport – bar none.

Skiing is a unique combination of cardio-vascular and muscular activites. It is a “Total Workout” extraordinaire. Literally every major muscle group is involved in propelling you forward or keeping you balanced.

Skiing is a low-impact sport – your joints, especially those of knees and feet, will thank you.

The best part – our sport is practiced exclusively outdoors, in the forest and the hills

You have, of course, heard of “runners’ high”. Just wait till you try a “Nordic skiers’ high”. Intense trail activities naturally produce and release neurochemicals that give us a clear sense of well-being and/or exhilaration, happiness. Cross country skiing’s produced endorphin, norepinephrine and dopamine are the simply the best – just try it.


OK, those were long recognized, indisputable benefits of skiing. Let us add a few more that you may or may find attractive

Skiing is perfectly adoptable to your current moods and cravings. You feel social, looking for a company of like-minded people? You’ll find them aplenty on the ski tracks. Chances are, they will be just like you – well organized, health-conscious, not giving up when it starts hurting – literally and otherwise. However, if you happen to need solitude, to reflect, to take a break from hustle & bustle of the city life – you shall find that too in snow-covered trees and the sun reflecting in Great Whiteness

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Once you start skiing, especially running ski marathons, you shall suddenly find yourself to be an object of genuine attention and/or fascination from your colleagues, neighbours – or just that attractive incognito next to you on the flight. Cross country skiing does ave some mystical attraction even for people who last skied on Auntie Sally’s farm in fifth grade. Be ready.

Your relatives and friends shall forever solve the issue that was bugging them the whole last decade – what to give you for Christmas. For better or worse, a skier’s wish list is about 8 and half times longer than that of a road runner. Naturally, those expensive carbon-titanium items you would have to buy yourself ( or transmit a subliminal message to your Special One, apparently many seasoned skiers had learned the trick) – but somehow there’s always a need for yet another pair of cute skiing gloves or socks made for a trail…


You want to know why do we care so much about you jumping on the Nordic skiing wagon? You mean, apart from us being the most caring website in the known Universe? Ok, we get it. You see, in cross country skiing – just like about anywhere – numbers decide everything. There are literally hundreds of meticulously prepared skiing trails in Europe, North America and, increasingly, Asia – the technology is totally there. But grooming and up-keeping them costs money. More people would be using them – higher likelihood of prices going down for usage of the existing ones – and more incentive to build new ones, perhaps right next door to where we live ( again, the technology is there – but it becomes feasible only when a critical mass of paying users is reached)

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The same rule of numbers applies to the production of gear – xc skiing gear, especially top level, could get pricey. The only way it would go down, is increasing production numbers through heightened demand.

Finally, there’s something called broadcasting. The people, who ski themselves are more likely to watch the elite ski competitions on TV. Of course, one could put the camera are the trail and broadcast everything live on Youtube – but professional broadcasting is still expensive and would only make sense for television companies when there are good ratings.

So, here we go – this is a total win-win situation for everybody. Think it over, get your snow pants out – see you at the trail next season!

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