New Rossignol X-IUM Carbon Premium Boots Spotted Testing

Rossignol continues to test its newest design of X-IUM Carbon Premium boots that are supposed to replace the current flagship model in shops next year.

Unlike Salomon that split its S/LABs offerings with Classic debuting last season and Skate version just spotted , Rossignol looks to be preparing to offer both C and S at the same time.

As with all manufacturers of top boots, Rossignol employs an expertise of both in-house specialists – and top World Cup athletes in fine-tuning its next podium weapon.

We doubt the boots will retain its black-on-black appearance in the final version – Rossignol’s recent magenta look gained the French company a lot of fans.

Skate prototype looks like this and seen on the feet of Simon Caprini, the firm’s maverick racing manager
Classic model is shown being worn by Niklas Dyrhaug
What is that, V for Vendetta? 😉
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