SNS Pilot Not Dead. New Top Boots In Works?

Dear SNS Pilot fans – we think of you. Your favorite standard of bindings was possibly, even likely superior – at least in certain trail conditions. But it lost in marketing wars.

So,if you are on the market for race-level SNS boots in 2020, you’d have look fairly hard for remaining stock of Salomon S/LAB Carbon beauties that came out with switchable SNS/NNN plates (but good luck finding any)

You’d probably have to settle for the second line:
Salomon S / Race Skate Plus 19/20 edition or far less common Spine Matrix Carbon Pro. Both are great boots by the standards of , say, 2015 – but let’s face it, you might experience a bit of inferiority complex looking at your buddies who all invested their hard-earned buck into newest all-carbon NNN models.

That probably would not do.

That’s why when learned that at the Spine lab the company’s newest Ultimate (NNN, of course) boots keep company with SNS Pilot boots, we opted to share this news with you.

Spine bosses would neither confirm nor deny they are planning to put a true-racing, all carbon soled SNS model on the market, but technically there should not be any problem. Moreover, given the company’s emphasis on custom fit/ custom produced boots it should be practically risk-free for the Russian ski bootmakers.

We will try to find more about and shall keep you abreast.Meanwhile,don’t be in a hurry to switch the bindings on your favourite planks – SNS Pilot might be not dead,after all

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