First Look: Carbon Soled Boots With Abrasion Pads For Biathletes

What’s the difference between folks on skis and those called biathletes? Well, for one thing the latter have a propensity for carrying a rather unwieldy rifle.

They also could be identified by their patched boots. The shooting mats are made of a rather abrasive material that after countless prone shootings wear off your boots.

Those patches….

Somebody took notice:

Meet Spine Ultimate, Pro Biathlon Edition
Abrasion pad is on the inner side of the boot’s upper and is made of highly scratch & tear resistance polyurethane…
…similar in composition, Spine says, to that polyurethane car paint
protection film that is all the rage now with fancy cars’ owners
… And this is Timofey Lapshin, ex-Team Russia/now Team Korea Olympian who worked with Spine to develop Biathlon Pro racing boots

That’s not the first effort to create abrasion-resistant biathlon boots – Fischer had RCS Roller Skate summer boots on the market a few years ago, incorporating the pad. We believe, however, that Spine’s Biathlon Edition are the first true racing boots featuring the said pad.

Photos courtesy of Timofey Lapshin/ Spine

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