In Interesting Twist, Company Actually Offers Northug Cooperation


In the last few days we’ve heard a lot of either rather high-handed, righteous criticism or generic offers of support for embattled Petter Northug.

Now there is a company that came out with what effectivly amount to public offer of cooperation:

” Driving under the influence of drugs is …dangerous and altogether wrong thing to do ….Northug must repent and be punished in accordance with the law” reads a press-release (Instagram post, actually- but whoever is using any other means of communication these days? )

“….But leaving the great Norwegian without support at such a moment, turning away from him or even sitting on the fence in anticipation, as some of his partners are doing now, is wrong. The damage will be done not only to the champion himself, but to the entire cross country skiing…..Spine Sports had meetings and negotiations on cooperation with Petter Northug. Today we want to publicly reaffirm our desire to cooperate with the great Norwegian, who is loved and remembered by millions of fans the world over…”

Northug is unusually popular in Russia for a foreign athlete. It’s hard to say whether the offer by a bookmaking company would sway the Norwegian champ away from his current sponsor, Fischer Norsic-but it’s surely an interesting twist proving that there is no universal worldwide punishment on Crime & Punishment. Oh, wait – that’s the Russian novel, they should know the best.

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